Effective scenario-based learning to inform and improve customer engagement.

Accelerator is a branching eLearning tool, which runs on any Learning Management System, delivering simulated scenarios with immersive content and realistic customer interactions.

Accelerated learning

Scenarios provide a safe and natural environment for your staff to make a decision, choose their response, and immediately experience its consequences. Practice without fear of failure; mistakes can be fixed exactly as you would in real-life.

Content branching

After a few seconds of interaction you will quickly become immersed in the training content. The video and audio content will feel familiar, removing any doubts your staff might have about electronic learning.

Latest technology

Scenario-based learning has been delivered to many diverse customers in; retail sales, business improvement and product learning. The technology behind Accelerator is robust and has been specifically designed for web delivery using modern browsers.

To test drive Accelerator contact us for a demonstration.