Immersive content

After a few seconds of interaction, your staff will quickly become immersed into the training content. The video and audio content will feel familiar, removing any doubts your staff might have about electronic learning.

Content branching

The learners’ progress is determined by their existing knowledge and their responses to the situations presented in the scenario. Each response is recorded and triggers the next step in the scenario, learners choose their own distinct learning path. We measure exactly where the learner is weakest during the scenario, allowing you to provide personalised coaching.

It made me really think about what I was saying and how I was saying it. – Accelerator User

Intuitive user interface

The user interface is simple and unobtrusive. Staff rapidly feel in control of the Accelerator so they can focus solely on the training content. You are guided through the scenario in a simple manner and help is available if you feel stuck at any point. It is a fresh way of learning and a great step away from the old training we had. – Training Manager

Custom branding

We understand how important your brand is and can customise an Accelerator to your exact brand guidelines. Learners feel more at home when they recognise your branding; the personalisation increases their motivation to fully participate in the learning content.


Multiple languages

Accelerators speak your language with scenarios available in over 36 languages. If you need to teach local customs, including business etiquette, scenarios are perfectly designed to include those skills.

To fully understand how Accelerator can improve your staff learning, get in touch to arrange a demo.