Accelerated learning

Accelerator is a branching eLearning tool, which runs on any Learning Management System, delivering simulated scenarios with immersive content and realistic customer interactions.

Simulated scenarios

Nothing feels more natural than the interactions you experience every day at work. Accelerator simulates that environment in the most accurate way possible so your staff are in familiar surroundings. Designed with the participants in mind, Accelerator feels more relevant and increases the motivation to fully participate.

“It was realistic and challenging. – Accelerator User

Relevant stories

We work with your training and HR teams to make sure that the scripted storylines and personal responses are bespoke to match your exact needs. The content will provide rapid skills transfer and have a high level of retention. Relevancy will trigger memories and experiences you may have already encountered in your daily business life.

“I can have those difficult conversations with colleagues as the Product Accelerators help me identify a can’t do/won’t do attitude. – Training Manager 

Nuanced responses

Accelerators are based on natural language and therefore include the nuances you would expect when dealing with people of different locations, ages, dialects, and even how they feel. Your responses should be appropriate to these changes in a person’s circumstance.


Motivation to complete

Accelerators align all learners to the correct path. This community-building-focus encourages bonding between teams which improves staff morale. Learners can compete against each other in friendly rivalry which encourages them to revisit scenarios to improve their score, performing multiple completions which improves knowledge.

To fully understand how Accelerator can improve your staff learning, get in touch to arrange a demo.