Accelerator Introduction

The Accelerator is perfectly positioned for sales simulations however it works equally as well with any situation where an individual is communicating with customers or colleagues. Accelerator scenarios available include;

Customer services (via phone, video conference, in-person), Compliance training, Problem solving, Business skills (transfer, improvement), Role playing, Communication skills improvement, Product knowledge

Via your web browser. No special software or additional plug-ins are required.
Yes, please get in touch and we will arrange a demo session for you.
We support the latest web browsers and some older versions. Full details can be made available.
You will need a device with; web-access, a web browser, and the capability to run video and sound.
Yes, an Accelerator will run on Windows, Android and iOS tablet devices with Wi-Fi. Due to the immersive content it is not recommended that you run an Accelerator on a mobile device with a screen below 6”, or on a mobile data plan.
Where mobile phones are your preferred training device, we provide a modified version of the Accelerator designed for that device. If this is not completely suitable we can discuss our other elearning solutions with you.
Accelerator uses web-standards and can be hosted on most web-servers. The audio and content can be delivered to you for installation on your own servers, or we can host it for you. We can liaise with your web hosting provider to confirm compatibility with your existing platforms.

Accelerator Scoring

Yes, we have written the Accelerator content to be SCORM 1.2 / 2004 compatible. If your LMS is not SCORM compliant, we can make adjustments to make it compatible with your LMS.
SCORM is a set of technical standards for electronic learning software & content. SCORM informs developers how to write code so it can communicate with other SCORM elearning software. It is the de facto industry standard for elearning.
We have an LMS platform that we can deliver as part of the solution. Full details supplied upon request.
Yes, we can provide user scores inside the Accelerator or you may use your own LMS to display progress using SCORM.
Depending on the LMS you choose, Accelerator can be protected by a login screen that allows an individual to access their own personalised content only.

Accelerator Localisation

Yes, an Accelerator can be created in all languages available in your web browser. As well as the more well-known languages, we have successfully delivered projects in; Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Hindi and Japanese.
We have a team of professional native-speaking translators on-hand to tailor your scripts into many languages. Scripts are approved by your local territory representatives before being implemented into the Accelerator.
As well as localising the script content we also take into account local customs, dress-code, habits and laws. When recording the video and audio, we have experts on-hand to assist with these special requirements.

Accelerator Production

The time you will spend on the production process can be very minor. The success of your Accelerator depends on the script. You can write your own copy or we can assign an expert copywriter to work with you on the subject matter. Once the script is completed you may attend the video shoot and voice recording session but this is not obligatory. We will then deliver the final product to you for approval which takes our clients one or two days to complete.
Not at all, we can have one of our authors create the script for you. Naturally, you will have full control over the end product. You may find that, after the first script has been created for you, you will be able to write your own Accelerator scripts in a matter of hours.